Who are we?

Me? I'm in my 40's with four amazing son's! My youngest two are special needs and all of us have extremely sensitive skin! After running a successful bath and body business for a few years making and creating a wide range of products we as a family can use I had gradually started looking into natural bath products for pets too.

With my overall love of animals I wanted to give something back to them for all the loyalty and care they give us. 

So what better but to combine the incredible human products for sensitive skins with a beautiful natural range for animals too!

Live and shop in harmony with our four legged best friends!

I'm crazy about anything retro! From the 50's through to the 80's I love the bright and fun colours and designs. So my thoughts..........why can't natural and EO products be FUN!

Yeah Baby! is a family run and oriented business. With 3 out of my 4 sons having Special Educational & Health Needs and being a full time Carer, I wanted to start a business that:

  • Could give myself and others the opportunity to earn extra income despite the challenges that having SEN children brings - certainly in terms of being able to work.  Hospital appointments, constant challenges with school and a faint memory of having a good sleep - ring a bell anyone?
  • Make products where I knew what went into each and every one of them.
  • All ingredients ethically sourced and as much as possible recyclable.
  • To promote crafting, and making something by Hand.  I don't have machines churning out our products - it is all handmade by me - and yes it really is by me.

I currently hold over 40 cosmetic assessments and am fully insured ensuring I are compliant with current British regulations and am so proud to have been accepted for membership to the Guild of Soap and Toiletries. 

No ingredients tested on animals.  All product packaging recyclable.