Aloe, the unsung hydrating hero!

Aloe, the unsung hydrating hero!

Aloe Vera, an incredible plant that has been used for centuries for  it's amazing skin care properties.

A succulent that's a total softie on the inside but a spiky leafed three footer on the outside - I'm sure so many of us can relate!

Found naturally in dry, tropical places like Africa, Asia & America this hero is packed with 20 minerals, 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids plus 200 phytonutrients (in plain speak the good stuff plants produce)! All of this goodness is stored in its silky translucent gel.

You can really see why women over the centuries from Cleopatra to Jennifer Anniston have been using Aloe for it's impressive skin  care capabilities!

So what can this hero do for our skin?

A sensitive skin must have - sensitive skin requires special TLC and Aloe is perfect for this job.

Incredibly hydrating and soothing for the skin Aloe helps prevent dehydration by forming a protective barrier. This makes it perfect for skin that's feeling dry including post sun dryness.

Coupled with the vitamins and minerals this star ingredient helps skin spring back to life far quicker.

Our Cool Baby range is our hero's main groove! 

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